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NAHT submits evidence on teachers' pay increases to School Teachers' Review Body

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Before Christmas, NAHT submitted a joint union pay claim to the Secretary of State, calling for a fully funded 5 per cent pay rise across all grades for teachers and school leaders. Such a pay rise would provide both a cost of living rise and act as a first step towards restoring the real value of teaching salaries to 2010 levels.

Last week, NAHT submitted our response to the School Teachers' Review Body's (STRB) call for evidence on pay.

Our submission presents evidence that the real-terms decline in teachers' and school leaders' pay since 2010 is contributing to the ongoing recruitment and retention crisis in schools. We make the case that all teachers and school leaders should receive an uplift from September 2018 to their pay that makes a significant first step to restoring the real value of teachers’ salaries. 

Our evidence (visible to members only) and the accompanying report into the state of teacher recruitment can be found below. We also included our response to the Migration Advisory Committee’s call for evidence on the economic impact of Britain leaving the European Union, which sets out the importance of securing a long-term role for teachers from Europe in the profession.

Over the next few weeks, NAHT will respond to the government's evidence and to the evidence of other consulates.   We will then present oral evidence to members of the STRB in early March, after which the STRB will undertake their considerations and make their recommendations.