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NAHT submits evidence on school leaders’ pay increases to the School Teachers' Review Body

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​This year our response is strongly focused on leadership supply. While we welcome the government's intention to raise starting salaries for newly qualified teachers to £30,000 per annum, its proposals to flatten the pay structure ignores a decade of real-terms pay cuts that have had the greatest impact on leaders.  Moreover, the proposal will further erode the pay differential for leadership responsibility, undermining both the pipeline of future leaders and the retention of those already serving as leaders. ​

NAHT is clear that there must be an attractive premium for leadership that is progressive, predictable and commensurate with responsibility. And the real value of leadership pay must be protected over time.  We have emphasised the pressing need to conduct a full review of the profession's pay structure in order to resolve the unfolding crisis in leadership supply.

We are also clear about the need to create a compelling proposition for teaching that will encourage graduates and career changers to commit to a decades-long professional career. The pay and working conditions of school leaders form part of a continuum to support that decades-long service, making it essential that teachers' pay should not be considered in isolation from leaders' pay.  Our evidence is clear that too much of the Department's work has been focused on finding new ways to incentivise individuals to enter teaching.

We continue to press for the development of a national pay scale for school business leaders that which aligned with the leadership scales within the school teachers' pay and conditions document (STPCD), or an amendment of the STPCD to include a school business leadership scale. This will ensure that the value of these leadership roles is recognised and properly remunerated in line with other leadership roles.

Any pay uplift must be fully funded by the government to ensure that schools have the resources to deliver the pay award. Our full response, as well as our joint union submission, can be found below (visible to members only).

Over the coming weeks, NAHT will respond to the government's evidence and to the evidence of other consultees. We will then present oral evidence and take questions when we meet with members of the STRB in early March, after which the Review Body will undertake their considerations and make their recommendations to the government.

You can also read our joint union evidence to the STRB for the 2020 pay round here

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First published 20 January 2020