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NAHT calls for an immediate review of leadership pay and a full review of the pay structure

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​NAHT has responded to the statutory consultation on the secretary of state's response to the STRB's 30th report, which you can read here. 

We have welcomed many of the STRB's findings which recognise both the erosion of leadership pay and the pay differential for leadership responsibility.  

The STRB is clear that its support for higher starting salaries (also welcomed by NAHT) is '...conditional on striking an appropriate balance between increases to starting pay and increases for more experienced staff'.  The STRB says that the pay system must 'reward teachers taking on additional management or leadership responsibilities' and concludes that a review of the pay structure for school leaders is urgently required.

NAHT agrees. Our response to the consultation calls on the secretary of state to set a remit for the 2021 pay review that will restore the losses to leaders' real salaries accumulated over the last decade and reverse the decline in the pay differential for leadership. 

We also call for the STRB to be empowered to conduct a full review of the overall pay structure which NAHT believes should take place in collaboration with teaching and leadership unions.

First published 11 September 2020