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NAHT submits evidence on teachers' pay increases to School Teachers' Review Body

We have submitted our response to the Call for Evidence to the STRB who were tasked by the Secretary of State to consider: "What adjustments should be made to the salary and allowance ranges for classroom teachers, unqualified teachers and schools leaders to promote recruitment and retention within the 1% limit for pay awards for public sector workers?" This relates to the increases to salaries and allowances from September 2017.

Our response emphasises that in choosing to present the STRB with this impossibly constrained remit, the government has not only ignored the growing wealth of evidence that the government's pay policy for schools is seriously damaging the education system, but it has also ignored the clear warning issued by the STRB only five months ago in their  26th report: "Based on our assessment of recruitment and retention considerations alone, there is a case for an uplift higher than 1% to the national pay framework, to strengthen the competitive position of the teaching profession at a time of growing demand for graduates."

Our submission presents evidence that the decline of teachers' and school leaders' pay and conditions over the last six years is creating a serious problem with recruiting and retaining teachers and leaders to the profession.  We make the case that a full review of teachers' and leadership pay is required if we are to protect our education system.

Our evidence (visible to members only) and the accompanying report into the state of teacher recruitment can be found below. We will have a further opportunity to discuss this with members of the STRB in early February. 

First published 11 January 2018