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Look out for an invitation from NFER to partake in the Department’s bi-annual workload survey

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The National Foundation for Educational Research (NFER) will be inviting teachers and senior leaders to have their say in the '2019 Teacher Workload Survey.'


As part of the Department for Education's (DfE) action to support schools in reducing workload, the DfE committed to collecting robust evidence on teacher workload at least every 2 years. The findings from the first survey were published in 2017, and have been used to inform the DfE's work on workload.

Teacher Workload Survey 2019 

NFER has now been commissioned by the DfE to undertake a follow-up survey in 2019, to explore whether there have been any changes in teachers' and leaders' self-reported working hours and views on school workload. The results are intended to form a key part of improving the evidence base on what drives teacher and school leader workload and what works to reduce it.

Look out for the invitation

Between January and March 2019, NFER will be contacting a random sample of schools to invite teachers and school leaders to complete a short online survey in March 2019.

If you receive an invitation, NAHT would encourage you and your staff to take part, in order to share your views and experiences with the DfE, and to maximise the usefulness of the results.

Where schools have a sufficient number of responses to the survey, schools will receive a tailored report comparing the anonymised survey responses of teachers in your school to teachers in the rest of England. This will allow you to benchmark your results to other schools with similar characteristics. These individual reports will be confidential to each school and will not be shared with the DfE.

Contact NFER

You can find out more about the survey here. Alternatively, contact NFER via phone or email on 01753 637338 or Further information about NFER can be found at


First published 16 January 2019