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The government must lift the public sector pay cap now, says NAHT

Commenting on news that the public sector pay cap may be under review, Russell Hobby, general secretary of school leaders’ union NAHT says: “News that the government is prepared to listen to pay review bodies, rather than impose a blanket 1 per cent cap on teachers’ pay, is very welcome. We look forward to hearing further detail.

“NAHT has been campaigning for an end to the public sector pay cap for school leaders, teachers and staff, which has seen real pay fall behind other professions. Last year the STRB recommended that the teaching profession needs an increase ‘significantly higher’ than 1% in order to address recruitment problems. We know that in order to recruit and retain high quality staff, pay must be fair.

“Any removal of the pay cap must also see increases fully funded in school budgets. We know budgets are at breaking point, so any additional cost must not be passed on to schools."

First published 11 January 2018