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Getting the best deal? 2018 survey of school business leaders

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Results of our third survey of school business leaders’ (SBLs) pay and responsibilities show that while SBLs' workload and responsibilities have increased over the last six years, their pay and status is still well below that of the rest of the leadership team.

Our survey of school business leaders was carried out between April and May 2018, and 439 SBLs responded. The key findings include:

  • Three-fifths of respondents do not think their pay fairly reflects their role and the responsibilities they undertake
  • The average salary for an SBL is £40,000 a year, up 9% from our 2016 survey but substantially below that of the rest of a typical leadership team
  • Less than half (46%) of respondents  have had their pay reviewed in the last 3 years
  • More than three fifths (61%) work more than 45 hours per week, and almost two thirds (63%) said that their working hours have increased over the past 3 years
  • The majority (81%) said that their workload has increased over the last year
  • Almost half (49%) said they have not received any formal personal development in the last year, even though 70% are keen to undertake further formal qualifications to keep up with the demands of the role
  • The main barriers to accessing CPD were time (68%) and funding (61%). 

You can read the report in full below. 

First published 14 June 2018