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Exploring the critical role of school business professionals: NAHT, ISBL and NGA roundtable discussion

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​NAHT, ISBL and NGA recognise the critical need for all senior school leaders and school business leaders (SBLs) to be present during strategic discussions and decision-making. Most SBLs lead the school business functions at a similar level of accountability and responsibility as other senior leaders who are responsible for teaching and learning and therefore should be involved in those central discussions. However, we also know that SBL participation at a strategic level can be mixed.

We, therefore, joined with ISBL and NGA to host a roundtable that brought together senior school leaders (head teachers, deputies, school business professionals, governors and trustees) from across the sector who engaged in a practical discussion about the critical role school business leaders play as part of the senior leadership team and possible barriers to SBLs involvement.

The session also reflected on the impact of the pandemic and how this has further illuminated the role of the SBLs at a national level.

The discussion will lead to the development of a discussion paper to be released in summer 2021.

You can watch the video from this discussion below. 

First published 15 March 2021