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The Department for Education confirms differentiated pay award


The Department for Education has finally responded to the consultation on school pay for 2018/19, releasing the STPCD and accompanying guidance.

It confirmed a differentiated pay award, providing an uplift of: 

  • a 3.5% uplift to the statutory minima and maxima of the main pay range and of the unqualified teachers’ pay range.
  • a 2% uplift to the statutory minima and maxima of the upper pay range, the leading practitioner pay range and all allowances across all pay ranges
  • a 1.5% uplift to the leadership pay ranges (including headteacher groups).

Throughout the summer we have lobbied to secure a better deal for our members: in the press, in our meetings with officials, in our letter to every single Westminster MP and in our formal response.

NAHT, therefore, shares your disappointment that the government has chosen to ignore the views of the profession and the recommendations of the School Teachers' Review Body.

The announcement also set out arrangements for a pay grant for schools to fund the increase above a notional 'forecasted' one per cent increase. Following pressure from NAHT and the other teaching unions, the Department has also confirmed that there will be additional funding to support the pay award in Wales.  

This sets out that additional funds will be allocated to mainstream school budgets based on pupil numbers; for schools with fewer than 100 pupils, the Department will allocate funding, as if 100 pupils are on roll. For schools offering specialist provision (including APs and PRUs), funding will be based on pupil places; for schools with fewer than 40 places, funding will be allocated as if 40 pupils are on roll.

Funding is split by phase and weighted based on the school's location (Area Cost Adjustment - ACA), to create a per pupil rate:

Rates for primary schools

Region Rate in 2018 to 2019 (£) Rate in 2019 to 2020 (£)
Inner London 19.51 33.65
Outer London 18.05 31.13
London fringe 16.90 29.14
Rest of England 16.40 28.29



Rates for secondary schools (with same rate for all 11-19 year olds)

Region Rate in 2018 to 2019 (£) Rate in 2019 to 2020 (£)
Inner London 31.57 54.20
Outer London 29.20 50.15
London fringe 27.34 46.94
Rest of England 26.54 45.56



Rates for special and alternative provision schools

Region Rate in 2018 to 2019 (£) Rate in 2019 to 2020 (£)
Inner London 78.10 134.97
Outer London 72.25 124.87
London fringe 67.64 116.89
Rest of England 65.65 113.46


Funding will not take account of each school's individual staffing structure.  

The funding for mainstream schools will be distributed through local authorities, while academies will receive the funding directly.

School level allocations for mainstream schools, and local authority level allocations for high needs, will be published in October – payments will then be made later in the autumn.

NAHT will provide advice on the implications for schools, along with an update to our model pay policy, and will work with other unions to provide an update to the agreed notional pay points.

The Secretary of State's announcement has created a legitimate expectation that teachers and school leaders will receive the full uplift where relevant, and we will urge governing boards to ensure that the pay uplift is applied to all staff at all pay points. 

First published 30 October 2018