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Top website tips from eSchools

From eSchools, an NAHT partner

Remember, your website isn’t only about statutory information required by the Department for Education. It’s also a virtual gateway to your school visited by current parents, prospective parents and members of the local community. Here, we share a few tips on getting the most out of your website. 

  • Keep your pages minimalistic and free of clutter (especially your homepage). Research has shown that we rarely read everything on a webpage. The more content on your page, the more likely some of the information is to remain unread. With this in mind, it’s also good practice to ensure the most important information isn’t left at the bottom of the page
  • Ensure your site is easy to navigate. Too many categories not only makes your navigation cluttered but also your content harder to find
  • Create easy to read website content. Make sure you choose a good-sized font and a strong contrast between the text colours and background. For example, yellow text on a white background is an absolute no-no
  • Add Google translate. You may have visitors to your website whose first language is not English. Google Translate will allow them to read your site text in their native language
  • Make sure your website is mobile friendly. Most of the visitors to your website will be using a mobile device or tablet, so a mobile-friendly site is a must! 

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First published 30 October 2018