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Sign the petition to urge the chief minister of the Isle of Man to intervene in the teachers' pay dispute

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Here’s what’s happening

Children on the Isle of Man attend some of the best schools in the UK but the government here is putting these high standards at risk. 

School staff are due a 3.5% pay rise to match what's been promised elsewhere in the U.K. but the island’s government has refused to award the full amount to all staff – a tenth year of below-inflation pay.

Teachers and leaders have lost confidence in the Isle of Man government because it is not demonstrating that it values the essential work they do.  

Misinformation and delay by Ministers and the Department for Education, Sports and Culture, plus a decade of real-term cuts to salaries, has forced dedicated educational professionals, reluctantly, to take action as a last resort.


What we want Tynwald to do

The chief minister must take full responsibility for this matter and bring about a swift resolution to avoid disrupting children's education.

Tynwald should honour without conditions, the independent recommendations on pay for teachers for 2018/19 and commit to a fully-funded pay settlement for future years.

Tynwald should recognise that education is an essential investment in our children and young people, not a burden on the Treasury.


Sign our petition and urge the chief minister to act. 

First published 06 February 2020