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Pathway's Andrew Hammond explains the importance of the 'hidden curriculum'

In his virtual speech for NAHT's Annual Conference, Andrew Hammond, Pathway's lead author and series editor, shares with delegates the importance of supporting teachers with the 'hidden curriculum'. 

"It is only with the heart that we see clearly. What is essential is actually invisible to the eyes," says Andrew. This rings true in schools, he explains. The hidden curriculum is essential, and it happens unseen alongside the national curriculum, he goes on to state. 

Beneath the surface is a 'hidden curriculum' that's shaped by daily encounters, modelled by teachers and tested long after we leave school, he adds. 

"And never has there been a more important time to concern ourselves with that lies within the hidden curriculum than now," says Andrew. By that, he means our well-being, resilience, motivation and ambition.  

Effective professional development is about viewing the "whole teacher," emphasises Andrew.  It's about feeling positive in ourselves, having high motivation and knowing where we're going, he explains. 

"Straight continuing professional development doesn't cut it or isn’t enough," he adds. That, he goes on to say, is about what you know or need to know. 

"But if we get under the bonnet of teaching, which is what Pathway does, then we find it isn't just about what you know, but what you can do as a teacher," explains Andrew. "And that is instinctively linked to how you feel." 

Right now, to be in teaching feels uncertain, and that will impact how you feel, he says. Pathway is here to help you regain your sense of career direction and empowerment. 

Watch the video above to learn more about how Pathway can help to empower you and your staff. 

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First published 09 October 2020