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Our guide to accessing our online summits on Crowdcast


Thank you for joining NAHT for our online summits. We have put together a short guide to help you make the most out of the events.

You can see all of our events here.



We are using Crowdcast to host our online summits. To join any of our events:

1.   Click the 'Register now' button for the event you'd like to join.

2.   Click on 'Save my spot'.

3.   You will then be prompted to register your details with Crowdcast via email.

4.   You will receive an email to confirm your registration, along with the option to add the event to your calendar. 

5.   You will now be able to join the scheduled online summit by visiting the page when the event occurs.


Top tips for using Crowdcast

1. The optimum way to watch and engage in NAHT online summits is to download and view via the Crowdcast app

2. The browser you are using can make a difference. We have found Chrome to be a particularly good browser to access Crowdcast. Firefox and Safari have also worked well. Internet Explorer does not work well with Crowdcast.

3. If the video ‘freezes’ on you, please refresh your page, and also press start on the video if it is showing the pause button.

4. When you join the video, please feel free to say hello in the chat function and where you are listening from.

5. The online summit will be automatically available to rewatch, from a few minutes after the broadcast has finished.


Online summit format

Our online summits will follow the same format for each event.

The event will be hosted and facilitated by a member of NAHT staff. They will control what is seen on screen and introduce the speakers.

This will be followed by a presentation from our speaker(s), concluding with a Q & A. 


We would like our online summits to be as interactive as possible, so please do get involved. There are five main ways you can participate.

1. Chat lets you directly communicate with the host and other attendees before, during, and after an event. It can be accessed on the right-hand side of the video feed.

If you are having any technical issues, you can raise this here and we will help you. We ask that you keep chat between attendees to a minimum.


2. Polls will be conducted throughout the summit to gather your opinions. To take part and see what the questions are, click on the polls tab at the bottom of the screen, below the video feed.


3. Questions and answers are in a tab just below the video feed. This is where you can submit any questions to the speakers. Please do this in advance and during the summit.

We encourage you to see what other colleagues have asked before submitting yours. If there is something similar raised or a particularly good question, you can 'upvote' them. In the event of there being a lot of questions, we will answer them in the order of popularity. 


4. If you can and are happy to, we'll invite you to come on screen and ask your question or share your experience. If you want a question answered, make sure to have your video and audio ready.


5. The 'take action' button is in green under the main screen. There will be a different action for each summit, for example taking part in a short survey or signing a petition.


6. Replay video allows you to rewatch the online summit any time you like, just make sure you are registered with Crowdcast.


We look forward to welcoming you to our online summits, if you have any more questions please email and we will do our best to answer them.


First published 21 May 2020