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Opportunity to respond to 'Children not in school' consultation

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The Department for Education (DfE) has launched a follow-up to the consultation and call for evidence on elective home education held by the Department for Education in 2018.

This consultation document seeks views on a number of proposals for legislation and the way in which those proposals would be implemented including:

  • the introduction of a duty on local authorities to maintain a register of children of compulsory school age who are not registered at schools of a specified type;
  • the introduction of a duty on parents to provide information to their home local authority if their children are within the scope of such a register;
  • the introduction of a duty on education settings attended by the children on the register to respond to enquiries from local authorities about the education provided to individual children. The settings in scope would not include those providing supplementary education outside school hours;
  • the introduction of a duty on local authorities to provide support to home educating families - if it is requested by such families.

The consultation runs for 12 weeks and closes on 24th June 2019.

You can access the full consultation here

First published 14 May 2019