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New guidance for members on phased returns sent 13 may 2020

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A message from NAHT general secretary Paul Whiteman to members

You may have seen today that NAHT was a co-signatory to a joint union statement in which we urged the government to think again about its current plans to try and get pupils in nursery, reception, year one and year six all back into school by 1 June.

NAHT does not want to stand in the way of a return to school, but we believe it needs to be safe, measured and carefully managed.

I hope the government will be prepared to talk with us further about how we can all work together to try to achieve that

As I've said before, the government must build the confidence of parents, teachers and school leaders

Even as we are writing, we are aware that further discussion around the scientific evidence used to inform the government's decision-making is taking place. We will be making further representations to the government as a result of this.

In the meantime, I know many of you are thinking about what planning needs to take place ahead of any future phased return.

With that in mind, we have produced some initial guidance on the topic that we hope our members will find useful.

As I said in last night's email, any advice we publish is not an endorsement of the government's current approach. As you will see, we are advising members that in many cases it will not be possible to bring back all the year groups the government has indicated by 1 June.

However, we know that many of you are currently thinking carefully about this, and you have asked us a wide range of questions on the topic. We hope our advice provides you with a framework to support that thinking and answers some of the questions you might have.

This first iteration will not answer all of those questions, and there are many where we are still waiting for answers from the government. As and when we receive those answers, we will update the guidance.

I hope that you find the document useful.

View our guidance here.

First published 13 May 2020