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NAHT's statement on the Black Lives Matter movement

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NAHT national executive applauds and supports the efforts of the Black Lives Matter movement to bring about lasting change.

The strength of feeling across the world has created an energy and appetite for change that cannot be wasted.

NAHT, as a union of educators, is committed to playing its part in the efforts to eradicate racism. Education can play a pivotal role in tackling discrimination in society. It is through education that we can start to build a truly inclusive society. It is through education that we can change minds and challenge prejudice.

School leaders have a unique and vital role to play in this work and are committed to doing so as part of a societal-wide approach. From the overarching ethos of schools to the detail of the curriculum, their educational leadership has the power to help bring about the change we need to see. 

As a profession we also need to be prepared to hold a mirror up to ourselves too. We know that our profession is not yet representative of the communities we serve, and that this is a particular issue at senior leadership level. We have to be prepared to address this issue head-on.

As a union, we must also be prepared to challenge ourselves by identifying and resolving issues of inequality within our own structures.

The National Executive Committee re-commits itself to campaign against racism; to campaign to develop a profession that is representative - at all levels - of the communities we serve and to campaign for equality within our own structures. This National Executive Committee supports the links being made through the TUC, BAMEed and others to help NAHT play its part in creating lasting change.

We commend the work to date of the NAHT Diversity and Inclusion Group and will provide every support to their critical work, going forward. A report of progress will be made to the next full meeting of the National Executive Committee.


First published 25 June 2020