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NAHT speaks out for rural schools and against LGBT+ discrimination at this year’s Trades Union Congress

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This week NAHT announced two lead motions to be debated by delegates at the annual Trades Union Congress.

Paul Whiteman, NAHT’s general secretary, said: “I am delighted that NAHT is now an established part of the TUC family. Since we joined in 2014, our influence has grown, and this is reflected in the two important motions that we are proposing this week. It’s a landmark moment for NAHT.”

NAHT’s president, Judy Shaw proposed a motion defending small and rural schools, and our vice-president Ruth Davies proposed a motion on relationships education. Members of NAHT’s delegation also spoke to motion 44 dealing with homophobic and transphobic hate crime.

Mr Whiteman continued: “There is a legal expectation placed on schools to provide age-appropriate relationships education to all pupils from September 2020. Relationships education in schools must be inclusive of all protected characteristics and treat the different types of relationships in our society equally, reflecting their equal status under the law and so promoting tolerance and respect for diversity. Our motion calls upon the TUC to lobby the government to provide more clarity and support to schools to deliver inclusive relationships education.”

NAHT also called on the TUC to support our ongoing work on behalf of small and rural schools. “The survival of these schools is under constant threat, due to the current funding crisis. These schools are a vital part of life and they need to be fully and fairly funded in order to continue to properly serve their communities. Losing a school, because its budget has passed breaking point, would do untold damage to young people and their families.”

NAHT’s next steps in support of small and rural schools includes a large-scale survey of members, which will be published later in the year. To support its equality agenda, NAHT will continue to lobby the government for clearer guidance for schools.

First published 11 September 2019