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NAHT in the news – January 2018

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Press coverage is a vital part of our campaign aim to improve schools for everyone. Our press and policy teams work hard to get as much exposure as they can for our key campaign goals. Here are some highlights of the media coverage we’ve had for our five main campaign priorities.

Curriculum and assessment

In January, our partner charity Primary Futures published a weighty report into young people’s career aspirations. The report, based on internationally gathered data, gained widespread coverage in the media, including the BBCDaily MailIndependent and TES. NAHT would like to see the government back Primary Futures with a grant to increase the number of schools that can benefit from the service it provides.

Also this month, NAHT’s call for statutory status for PSHE made it into the Daily MirrorYou can expect more coverage on PSHE in February as part of Children’s Mental Health Week. 


Our call for more school funding was reported online by the BBC following another letter from the WorthLess? Group of head teachers. NAHT’s Cumbria branch continues to do great work in the press with this item in its local newspaper. NAHT head of policy Valentine Mulholland’s comments at a Westminster Education Forum event on school funding were reported by BBC OnlineTES carried a blog by NAHT general secretary Paul Whiteman. ITV Wales and BBC Wales carried online and broadcast coverage of our school funding campaign. 

Pupil well-being

TES and Schools Week covered NAHT general secretary Paul Whiteman’s appearance before the joint Health and Education Select Committees. You can read a summary of that session on our website here. Our support for the Mentally Healthy Schools website went mainstream, with NAHT mentions in the Evening StandardDaily TelegraphGuardianThe Metro and Huffington Post as well as TES. Comments from our president Anne Lyons regarding the Holiday Hunger Bill were reported in Schools Week

Recruitment and retention

Our comments on the PAC's report into teacher recruitment and training were reported in TESSchools Week andBBC Online.

Schools Week's report on the joint union call for a five per cent pay increase for teachers carried our quotes and did not quote the other unions. Huffington Post carried a blog from NAHT general secretary Paul Whiteman. And our coverage on this issue extended into Wales.

Our comments on the use of supply agencies to fill vacancies made it into the Evening Standard.

We were quoted in a Schools Week's exclusive about training and development for support staff.

NAHT senior policy adviser Ian Hartwright was quoted by ITV News in its coverage of recruitment and retention issues. 

Structures and accountability

NAHT general secretary Paul Whiteman had a blog criticising school performance tables published by TES.

Our proactive BBC exclusive on deadline day for primary admissions crowded out any coverage of ASCL’s inaugural primary conference.

Our reaction to the appointment of Damian Hinds was among the first to be published, featuring on BBC Online. Our vice president Andy Mellor made his way into local media with his opinion. 

Our campaign work is greatly improved when members are willing to undertake press work on behalf of the association. Full training and support are given. If you are interested in speaking on behalf of NAHT on an issue close to your heart, email Steven George, NAHT head of press and media campaigns