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NAHT encourages the sector to ensure school business leaders are involved in strategic decision-making


Last week, NAHT signed an open letter - alongside ISBL, ASCL, the Confederation of School Trusts and the NGA - calling for the sector to ensure that school business leaders (SBLs) are involved when strategic decisions are taking place.

The letter recognises the knowledge and expertise of school business leaders and the importance of ensuring collaborative and informed decision-making with pedagogical colleagues. Moreover, it underlines the need for a strong working relationship between SBLs and governors, emphasising the role SBLs play in ensuring effective financial management in schools and trusts.

This letter follows the publication of ISBL's School Business Professional Workforce Survey Report 2020, which found that only 55% of respondents reported attending all senior leadership team meetings. School business leaders play a critical role in the long-term strategic planning and day-to-day running of a school; it is, therefore, imperative that this is recognised and these leaders are seen as important members of senior leadership teams.

NAHT has long campaigned for recognition of the crucial role SBLs play in the successful management of schools and trusts, and we will continue to work closely with ISBL and others in the sector to promote a joined-up approach to the leadership of schools. ​

Read the open letter can be read in full.

First published 10 March 2020