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NAHT calls for decisive action to solve the ‘leadership drought’ in England’s schools

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The government needs to take some giant leaps to solve the recruitment and retention crisis in England’s schools if we are to truly deliver for all pupils, NAHT warns. 

The crisis in leadership supply is under-recognised and under-reported, says NAHT general secretary Paul Whiteman. But our concern now, he adds, is that the recent challenges faced by the profession as a result of covid-19 and its fallout might exacerbate the ‘leadership drought’ that already exists. 

“We desperately need to create a compelling proposition that will support individuals in building a decades-long career in education,” urges Paul.  

NAHT’s new report, A Career in Education, provides six clear and constructive recommendations that the government must take to resolve the recruitment and retention crisis. 

1.      Increase the quality of applicants into teaching 

2.      Tackle the workload crisis 

3.      Improve the attractiveness of teaching and provide incentives to move into leadership 

4.      Provide leadership support and mentoring training 

5.      Remove disincentives that drive leaders out of the profession 

6.      Create new opportunities for late-career teachers and leaders  

“The government has made some steps towards the problems we’ve identified. Now we need them to take some giant leaps,” concludes Paul. 

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First published 27 July 2020