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Meet the sponsor - Lyfta

We caught up with the sponsor of our upcoming Capturing the teenage brain conference to find out a little more about them. Serdar Ferit - Lyfta Co-CEO, Creative Director - shares with us how the platform helps teachers, why they chose to sponsor our conference and what our delegates will get to try out on their stand at the event.

Please make sure you visit their stand on the day, and we thank Lyfta for all their support.

Lyfta is a Finnish company with a revolutionary pedagogical approach to cross-curricular primary and secondary education. The platform beautifully combines technology, design and emotional storytelling to create rich, engaging learning experiences. 

Lyfta is used in classrooms and assemblies, and it helps teachers by providing engaging, explorable content that broadens children’s horizons and gets them thinking about complex topics – such as democracy, equality and diversity. 

Lyfta won the World Summit Award 2017 for education and learning, and it was selected by as one of the most inspiring global innovations in education. 

We invite participants to come to our stand and be transported to different places around the world, via tablets and VR headsets, where they can explore new environments and get to know inspiring people who have powerful stories to share. 

We chose to sponsor the event because a) we love NAHT and b) because 11 to 14-year-olds have been particularly excited by Lyfta. 

Lyfta is available to key stage two and key stage three state schools in England for FREE, via the government-funded Global Learning Programme, which requires registration and completion of a short questionnaire.

Go to for more details.