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Together, we can build something even better than before

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A message from NAHT general secretary Paul Whiteman to members

The strength of a union does not come from its staff or general secretary. A union's strength and ability to influence comes from its membership.

This weekend would have been our annual conference where the membership sets our goals for the year.

Unfortunately, we had to postpone it, but the voice of our members has never been more apparent or critical than during the current crisis.

Beyond the pandemic, I doubt education will ever be as it was. It will, however, be important that the government continues to hear your voice when it comes to shaping whatever system that comes next.

I hope you are proud of your union and will recommend us to as many of your leadership colleagues as possible. You can see more examples of the ways we've worked to support you during this unprecedented time here.

Ask your colleagues to join now 

Together, once out of this crisis, we can build something even better than before.

As some of you will be aware, we hosted a virtual town hall event earlier this evening on leading the school response to the covid-19 pandemic. If you weren’t able to log on at the time, you can watch the recording below.

First published 07 May 2020