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Join the biggest children’s moment of the year

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Children’s charities including the National Children’s Bureau, NSPCC, Children’s Society, Action for Children and Barnardo’s are calling on the major political parties to put children and young people at the heart of their campaigns and set out how they will tackle the issues children care about. They want to inspire politicians to listen to children and young people by promoting children’s voices on social media using the hashtags #IfIwerePM and #ChildrenAtTheHeart.

Your school can join the conversation by asking children and young people what they would do if they were Prime Minister and getting school staff to post children’s quotes on Twitter.

Your school may be doing activities around the General Election, such as explaining about democracy, Parliament and voting. The charities are keen for young people to understand they can play a role in the democratic process, and school staff posting young people’s quotes on social media using #IfIwerePM and #ChildrenAtTheHeart is a tangible way to make this happen. Please do include this as part of activities you are doing around the election. 

Here are some example Tweets:

  • Pupils from @GoodHeartPrimarySchool want free bus passes for everyone to help with climate change #IfIwerePM #ChildrenAtTheHeart
  • #IfIwerePM “I would help schools support children with social media anxiety” 15-year-old pupil from @ GoodHeartPrimarySchool #ChildrenAtTheHeart

Of course, there is no need to identify individual pupils and school staff can post on behalf of the school pupils, potentially using the school’s social media channels.

if you have any questions or to share what you have done, contact Celeste Pergolizzi at

First published 02 December 2019