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Invite a DfE staff member into your school

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NAHT is working with the Department for Education to promote and develop the school immersion programme.

The scheme has been set up to give staff at the DfE a better understanding of how schools operate and the everyday issues school leaders are dealing with.  This established initiative is taking place throughout England and Wales and is aimed at providing DfE staff with first-hand experience of school life and a greater insight into the wider impact of the DfE's policies to help shape future education strategy.

Participants undertake a three-day placement within a school or college to gain a deeper understanding of how the organisation operates, and the issues faced by head teachers and teaching staff.

This is an opportunity to showcase the innovative practice and expertise in schools and colleges across the country. School staff can also undertake reciprocal visits by arrangement with the DfE, to better understand the work of the department

If you would like to volunteer your school to take part in the programme please fill out the expression of interest form, here and we will pass on your details to the department. 

For some additional information, find the DfE’s guidance on the School Immersion Programme attached below.

The benefits of the programme for NAHT members include the opportunity to:

  • reflect on your own practices from a new perspective

  • showcase innovation and best practice

  • feedback and demonstrate to a civil servant the impact of policy on the ground

  • help ensure the Department for Education (DfE) understands and is engaged in the challenges schools face on a day-to-day basis

All details you provide via this form will be sent directly to the Department for Education and will not be used for any other purpose, beyond putting your school forward for the school immersion programme. 
First published 13 August 2018