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‘Government needs to work with the profession, not against them’, Shadow Secretary of State tells delegates at NAHT conference

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Watch the full video below

Angela Rayner, the Shadow Secretary of State for Education, addressed school leaders at NAHT’s annual conference this afternoon, and underlined the need for government to work alongside the profession to tackle current challenges. 

In an impassioned speech, the Shadow Secretary paid tribute to the work of school leaders, often recalling her own education “I went to a so-called ‘failing school’ she told delegates, but its teachers didn’t fail me, they made me the person they created today. 

Angela Rayner went on to remind delegates of her own party’s plans to introduce a National Education Union should Labour come into government,  and called on the current government to ‘pay attention’ to the failure of some of its own policies, going on to joke that the government ‘wouldn’t survive it’s own Ofsted inspection’. 

You can watch the full video of Angela Rayner’s speech below.

First published 08 May 2018