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Help us make sure education is a key issue in this election

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Support our campaign to make sure education is front and centre of the future government's agenda. We need your help to heighten the profile of the key challenges that are facing education. 

For an opportunity to put your questions forward to parliamentary candidates directly, you can also book a place at a local question time event here

Education priority speech cards 

We have also created a bank of election priority speech cards, which you can find below. To use these please: 

  1.   Print the speech bubble out
  2. Write down the key issues you believe MPs need to address 
  3. Take a photo of yourself holding it up (or get someone to take it for you)
  4. Share on social media with the hashtag #YourChoice. 


Our five election priorities

  1. A fully and fairly funded education system where the real-terms cuts since 2010 are reversed and there’s guaranteed long term investment.
  2. Great teachers and leaders in every class and every school with the support, development and reward to sustain a career in education.   
  3. Proportionate, reliable and fair inspection that schools and parents can have confidence in.
  4. A broad and balanced curriculum available to all pupils that gives children and young people different ways to show what they can do and properly prepares them for life.
  5. Timely and effective support from the services that children and families rely on so that all pupils get the help they need and achieve their potential.

You can find A5 flyers for all our key priority areas below. To discuss NAHT’s five priorities for education, please contact

First published 20 November 2019