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Climate chaos response toolkit

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A guide for school leadership teams on your school’s response and harnessing pupil passion for climate action.

Public concern about climate change has never been higher and the spotlight is now on climate action with young people seeing that their voice counts. NAHT recognised this with a motion earlier this month – pledging to support pupils to express their views and influence policy on climate change.

There is a clear opportunity for schools to positively channel pupils’ energy and passion into environmental action and develop critical leadership, character, global citizenship and STEM skills along the way. However, many schools tell us they are finding it hard to work out how best to respond.

The toolkit

The Climate chaos response toolkit is a free, practical resource to provide simple tools to support school leadership teams and governors to develop or build on their school’s positive response to the climate chaos.

Created by environmental charity Global Action Plan, the kit provides:  

A leadership decision guide: discussion points to help school leaders consider possible actions to: (1) acknowledge pupil concern; (2) manage tensions and expectations around striking/not striking; (3) communicate and justify the school position to pupils, parents and key stakeholders; and (4) agree future action the school can take on climate change to channel pupil energy.

Staff update pack: engaging content to bring all your staff up to speed on environmental initiatives pertinent to young people, making sure they are equipped with the latest information to respond in a united and coherent way to their pupils.

Pupil engagement tools: assembly plans, accompanying activities and resources to build pupil insight into current global and national climate initiatives, share what individuals and schools are doing to fight climate change, and co-develop ideas on how the school and pupils can build on this momentum to have the biggest impact on climate change.

Public engagement templates: Adaptable sample web and letter text to share what the school is doing in response to the climate breakdown, and if appropriate, invite input from interested stakeholders (ie parents) in how they can best support pupils. 

First published 20 May 2019