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Bookings now open for NAHT Aspire one-day courses in summer term 2019

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Alongside our NAHT Aspire partnership programmes and school improvement resources, we offer a suite of day courses designed to provide clear methods and solutions for head teachers, senior leaders and subject leaders in primary, secondary and special schools.

Developing excellence in learning and teaching with NAHT Aspire 

2 May in London and 18 June in Manchester. 

This course builds leadership capacity to create exemplary teaching and learning. It provides delegates with the NAHT Aspire Quality Framework for Learning and Teaching and explores how it can be used to develop excellence. The approach replaces the difficulties of lesson observation, planning and work scrutiny with a more positive method that is welcomed by teachers and better informs school leaders. 

Closing the gap for disadvantaged learners with NAHT Aspire 

5 June in London and 6 June in Manchester. 

This course provides a comprehensive set of resources for schools to review their current provision for disadvantaged learners, including use of pupil premium funding, against proven best practice. It also introduces some key practical research-based strategies to close the attainment gap. This course is designed for school leaders across all phases.

Reviewing and redesigning the primary curriculum with NAHT Aspire 

11 June in Manchester and 19 June in London. 

This course provides a comprehensive set of resources for schools to review their current curriculum and create a broad and balanced curriculum that is appropriate and inspiring for each and every school community. It is particularly pertinent given Ofsted’s renewed focus, from 2019, on curriculum breadth and balance, and is designed for primary school head teachers and primary school leaders with responsibility for curriculum.

For further information and to book a place, see or call NAHT Aspire on 0844 8099219.

First published 20 March 2019