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Being Strategic: a guide for governing boards and school leaders

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​Jointly developed by NAHT, NGA and ASCL, this revised guide to 'Being Strategic' offers leaders and those governing at all levels in a school or trust with a robust framework they can use to set a strategy for their organisation and monitor progress within an annual cycle.

The guide includes advice on:

  • Developing a mission, values and vision – the fundamental building blocks of a successful strategy
  • Creating a strategy document – consulting stakeholders, identifying improvement priorities and outlining monitoring arrangements
  • Monitoring the strategy – measuring progress based on values and vision and making the most of data
  • Reviewing the strategy – how to conduct an annual review that evaluates progress made towards the vision
  • The impact of culture on a strategy – why a positive culture is a crucial component of implementing a vision and strategy

We would encourage members to read this document alongside our "What governing boards and school leaders should expect from each other" 

First published 13 October 2020