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Annual conference CPD day – workshop round-up

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The second day at NAHT’s annual conference began with a series of workshops delivered by a plethora of experts. Delegates were provided with practical advice, information and inspiration for their schools. From understanding the government’s policy-approach to primary assessment to supporting the mental health and well-being of staff and pupils in schools, the workshops covered an eclectic mix of subjects which reflected the diverse challenges and contexts in which school leaders work.  

Primary assessment policy – where are we now and what next?

With the new primary assessment announced last September, this workshop brought delegates up-to-speed with the government’s policy-approach to primary assessment. NAHT deputy general secretary, Nick Brook and NAHT senior policy adviser, Sarah Hannafin delivered an informative and practical workshop covering:

  • Progress on the new proposals, including the reception baseline assessment and the new multiplication check
  • Options for the future statutory assessment of writing, including consideration of comparative judgement.


The teacher recruitment and retention crisis - what’s it all about?

A workshop focused on the crisis in teacher recruitment and retention, and NAHT’s campaign to get the government to address the issues. Delegates were encouraged to consider:

  • What the evidence tells us about the current situation
  • The drivers for the crisis
  • How NAHT is working with the DfE and other stakeholders to address the issues.

Workshop leaders: NAHT senior policy adviser, Ian Hartwright and NAHT policy research manager, Lydia Vye.


Human resources ‘made simple’

An informative and entertaining workshop for school leaders who want to brush-up on their HR knowledge and understanding of their role and responsibilities. The workshop started with a quick-fire quiz to break the ice and then moved on to a whistle-stop tour of principal HR practices and concluded with a Q&A session.

Workshop leaders: NAHT director of advice and legal services, Guy Dudley and NAHT specialist advisor Liam McIlvenny. 


Working effectively with your manager to ensure successful outcomes

The key principles to building strong working relationships are clarity, openness, trust, shared goals and values, and regular communication. This workshop provided opportunities for school leaders to reflect on how well principles are fulfilled in partnership with managers.

The workshop had three main aims:

  • To consider the barriers to partnership working and strategies for reducing these barriers
  • To examine the importance of trust within the partnership and ways of building it further
  • And to produce an action plan to build on successes and address areas for further development.

Workshop leader: Dr Christine Greenland Ed.D, MA, FCIPD.


Mental health and well-being in your school

How can schools support their staff members’ and pupils’ mental health and well-being? This workshop focused on supporting well-being in schools and shared some key insights from Randstad’s research on current perceptions around mental health in schools.  This workshop gave advice on how to recognise the issues and solutions to staff members’ and pupils’ well-being and understanding the types of support available.

Workshop leader: Sue Hugo, educationalist and trainer.


International teacher framework - bringing top overseas teaching talent to your school

This workshop provided invaluable insight into the opportunities available to schools to recruit top-quality international teachers by working with suppliers on the framework. It explored the different options available to schools to reduce the impact and costs of bringing in teachers from overseas.

Workshop leader: Dr Jo Denyer, head of international teacher recruitment at the DfE.


Restriction and restraint in schools – for special and mainstream school leaders

In this workshop, delegates covered the use of ‘safe rooms’, guidelines around the use of physical intervention, determining the appropriate point to physically intervene and the use of a ‘dynamic risk assessment’.

Workshop leader: Daz Robinson, deputy head teacher at Educational Diversity.

Health and safety challenges in schools

A prevalent issue for school leaders, in this workshop delegates, shared practical examples of how Top of Form

A preveAcreate a sensible and balanced approach to health and safety. From identifying roles and responsibilities within school to dealing with training issues, delegates were given loads of practical

Workshop leader: Steuart Fotheringham, The Xact Group Ltd, for Strictly Education as part of NAHT Assured


Exploring the approach to integrated curriculum-led financial planning

The curriculum-led financial planning approach has evolved over the years, and there are now a number of well-established tools and effective solutions. However, no one solution addresses the contextual nuances of our diverse education system. This workshop explored the pros and cons of existing tools and discuss the potential for a more consistent all-encompassing tool.

Workshop leaders: Stephen Morales, chief executive of the Institute for School Business Leadership and Sarah Bagshaw, finance director at St Bede Primary Academy

We offer a wide range of CPD opportunities which reflect the diverse contexts of the school leaders that we represent. For more information on our events click here.  

First published 04 May 2018