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The government backtracks on the move to a hard national funding formula

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On 24 July, Nick Gibb confirmed the planned updates to the national funding formula revenue funding blocks for 2019/20. 

However, within the announcement was a backtrack on the government's intention for the funding to go directly to schools from 2020/21.  Instead it will continue to go to local authorities who will each allocate to schools depending on their own local formula.

This means that our members may fail to receive the promised funding floor of £3,500 in primary schools and £4,800 in secondary schools per pupil, as a result of their local authority's approach to funding. The government is calculating how much funding each school in the country must get as a minimum, but it is failing to ensure that it will get to them, meaning another year of 152 different school funding formulas. With school budgets at breaking point, the government is still not treating all schools, or children, equally.

First published 07 August 2018