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Take part in NAHT's 2017 school funding campaign

We all know that school budgets are being pushed beyond breaking point.

The figures involved are staggering. Analysis of the DfE’s data points to a £339 loss for every primary age pupil and a £477 loss for every child in secondary school. 98 per cent of schools will be affected, and the prediction is that by 2020 the education system will be running short to the tune of £3bn.

Those are the statistics; the reality is damage to learning and to the care of the pupils who need it most.

Despite what the government says, school budgets are not protected. NAHT is at the forefront of efforts to expose this and make the case for a reversal of the real terms reductions that we are all facing.

The next stage in this campaign is our contribution to the School Cuts website developed with ATL, GMB, NUT, UNISON and Unite to reflect the funding losses facing each school in England. You can access the School Cuts website now to find out more about the impact on your school and community.

Over the next few weeks we would like you to do three things:

  1. Write to your MP to tell them just how your school budgets are being squeezed.
  2. Send a tweet using the #SchoolCuts hashtag and our @NAHTnews handle with an example of how the cuts are biting in your school.
  3. Sign our petition on the school cuts website.

 NAHT and our partners will also be writing to MPs in some of the worst affected areas with details of the impact of cuts on their local authority. You can find a link to this letter online here where you will also find a template letter that you can use should you wish to write to your own MP. The school cuts website allows you access to your MP’s contact information. Once you have written, please email our press office ( to let us know.

We would also be grateful if you’d use the #SchoolCuts hashtag to support our own national publicity for the funding campaign, which runs from now until Budget Day on the 8 March. We aim to put as much pressure on the Treasury as possible, to make them admit that education spending is falling and to reverse their real terms cuts.

Securing fair and sufficient funding for all schools is our main campaign goal in 2017 and we hope all members will play their part.

First published 05 January 2018