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School funding is in crisis - it's time to take a stand

School funding is reducing for the first time in a generation. According to the National Audit Office funding will reduce, in real terms, by £3 billion by the end of this parliament.

The scrapping of the Education Service Grant, the introduction of an apprenticeship levy and increases in national insurance and pension contributions mean that school budgets are already at breaking point. We can't take any more cuts.  

The government's National Funding Formula proposals simply redistribute the money already in the system rather than adding in any new cash. It might seem like good news for some schools but unless funding increases across the board most schools will be worse off by 2020.    

There's not enough money in the system and our children’s education will suffer as a result unless we do something about it. Education must be seen as an investment in this country's future and not a burden on the treasury.

What can I do?

NAHT has organised a series of regional meetings to brief members on the funding crisis and provide members with the tools needed to build a strong national campaign for greater education funding. This issue affects every school leader in England so it's important you attend and find out how we can work together to take control and take the fight to government. 

We believe that this is the single most important issue affecting schools in England today so we cannot afford to simply roll up our sleeves and put up with inadequate levels of funding. No one will sort this out for us and we cannot leave it to the government. We must take the lead on this hugely important issue.  

The meeting is free and open to all school leaders including those who are not currently NAHT members. If you cannot make it then please ensure someone from your school can come along. 

First published 05 January 2018