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NAHT draft response to the funding consultations

On 14 December, the DfE launched these two consultations that are due for response by 22 March. NAHT's national executive has been developing our response to the principles set out and members can see our draft response to the national funding formula and our response to the proposals for a high needs funding formula.

The key point that we are making is that the fundamental problem is the overall funding crisis that means that at a time when all schools are losing funding in real terms, it is very difficult for any school to lose funding under the formula. We make the case, therefore, that Treasury must commit more funding to schools, and as a minimum return the £384 million recently returned to them that had originally been planned for the universal academisation project.

Our detailed response sets out our views on the principles proposed.

Members may also choose to submit their own response to this digital consultation that largely asks for yes/no answers – if you feel that you'd like your individual voice heard, you can find details to respond directly here: National Funding Formula consultation and High Needs funding formula consultation.

First published 05 January 2018