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Momentum builds as NAHT rolls out funding campaign across the UK

Through working with members across the country we have been raising the profile of NAHT’s school funding in crisis campaign nationwide. Listed below are some of the key actions that have taken place so far.

  • Funding briefings for our members are taking place or have been organised in every region across England and have attracted over 1000 members so far to 33 events we have seen 347 members already, the more events planned see here. 
  • We have large meetings planned in London, Birmingham, Lancashire, Durham, Walsall and Manchester in the next 14 days. 
  • NAHT has given evidence to the London Assembly on the impact of the NFF in London and the wider cuts issue. 
  • We have started to distribute thousands of leaflets for parents and have forged greater links with the NGA and parent organisations as part of our campaign.
  • School leaders in Southampton, Devon, Bristol, Enfield, Cumbria and Shrewsbury have all agreed to write a collective letter to their MPs.
  • Tim Farron MP and Leader of the Liberal Democrats recently spoke at an NAHT event in Cumbria and Joan Ryan MP along with other MPs have agreed to take the matter up in Parliament.
  • We have briefed 300 MPs in the worst affected areas on the impact of current funding crisis in their constituencies.  
  • We have received significant media coverage on ITV, BBC and in the press.

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First published 05 January 2018