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Join the march for school funding on 27 September

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The crisis in school funding has not gone away and the government has done little to alleviate the huge pressures school budgets are under. Schools are now very much on the front line of society, dealing with the fallout from years of austerity and picking up the pieces left behind by cuts to health and council services. 

When we kicked off the school funding campaign in 2017, we were told there was no more money in the system and that schools would have to make do. Since then we have been successful in securing an extra £1.3 billion in July 2017, a further £400 million for the ‘little extras’ in October 2018, £350 million for SEND budgets in December 2018 and £84 million in extra cash for maintained nursery schools. The campaign is working, but we need to push for more.  

On 27 September, school leaders across the country will march in Westminster. We are encouraging all our members to attend this important demonstration to show the public we are still campaigning and show the government that we mean business. 

We know how busy you are and how precious your time is, but this issue is of such huge importance that we have to take a stand.

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First published 05 July 2019