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‘Green carding’ your MP in five steps

On 24 October we will be taking part in a mass lobby of Parliament to call for the school funding crisis to be addressed in the upcoming Autumn Budget. We are asking MPs to put pressure on the Chancellor to invest in children and young people. This is your chance to tell your MP why education must be a priority in the upcoming budget and to communicate the impact the funding crisis is having in your school community.

Arrange a lobby meeting

There are two ways you can arrange a lobby meeting. Write to your MP here and arrange a meeting on the day or follow our five steps to ‘green carding’ on the day itself.      

  1. Go through the Cromwell Green entrance to parliament and pass through security (allow for this to take up to 20 minutes).
  2. Queue up at the information desk in the central lobby and you will need to collect and fill in a “green card.”
  3. Hand the green card to the information desk. The information desk will be able to let you know quite quickly if your MP is not at the House of Commons.
  4. If your MP is unavailable the fact that you have handed in a green card will mean that your MP will know you have requested a meeting and your MP will have to write to you in due course letting you know their views.
  5. If the information desk does manage to contact your MP be prepared to wait for a while.

A printable version of these steps can be found below. 

First published 03 January 2018