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Funding Campaign Report for September to December 2016



Overall Campaign Goals

  • Make the case that funding settlement is insufficient        
  • Lobby for adequate funding for early years education and to support the 30 hours childcare policy      
  • Campaign to reverse the cuts in ESG                
  • Influence the development of national funding formula           
  • Influence the development of new formula for high needs funding     
  • Campaign to secure Government commitment for auto-registration for FSM, via Local Authorities         
  • Schools maximised value for money through effective procurement of goods and services        

  • Schools achieve economies of scale through effective collaboration with others    

  • DfE to set limit on supply agency fees              

  • Minimise the impact on schools of the Apprenticeship levy from April 2017      


Sufficient school funding

  • Interview with Guardian on making the case for further school funding           

  • Designing ‘Breaking Point 2016’ survey for October launch        

  • Met with Katy Weeks at the DfE to discuss Early Years funding        

  • School funding survey agreed with policy and SBM committees and ready for submission      

  • Responded to consultation on local authority recoupment for free schools        

  • School funding survey issued to and over 1,000 responses received to date reporting a growing funding crisis   

  • Meeting with LGA, ASCL and NASBM on apprenticeship levy to ensure schools can get access to the funding they have contributed to            

  • Developed new member advice on the apprenticeship levy        



Fair Funding Formula

  • Worked with Early Years and Funding Committees to develop our response to the Early Years funding formula

  • Submission of early years funding consultation response.

  • Email to nursery members sharing our response and how we are making the case for them

  • Shared our submission with members

  • Meeting with DfE about high needs funding for special units in mainstream schools – DfE agreed significant concession for us

  • Letter to Justine Greening on nursery funding and press released the letter to get more coverage of the issue. Secured a coalition of support from other unions and a number of early years organisations

  • Also letter to Caroline Dinenage, Minister with responsibility for early years

  • Meeting with DfE to make the case for £10k per place in a specialist unit in a mainstream school

  • Meeting with Save the Children to align our funding campaign


Value for money

  • Group of schools report finalised Group of Schools and launched 17 September and sent to all members

  • Also featured in Leadership Links and on website

  • Group of Schools blog by Russell and reminded members of the report in Links

  • Meeting with DfE efficiencies group to discuss proposed school procurement tools


Automatic Free Schools Meals Registration

  • Meeting with DfE on how to make best use of pupil premium funding

  • Letter to Nick Gibb to ask him to ensure that the Digital Economy Bill allows auto registration of free school meals

  • Letter to Minister Karen Bradley at Department of Culture, Media and Sport whose bill this is to make the same case, and also to Tom Watson MP, calling for Labour to table an amendment to the Bill on this

  • Drafting a new clause with Labour, debated at Report Stage. A briefing paper calling for MPs to support this was sent to all MPs, and MPs who supported a previous private members’ bill were written to. Members were called on to lobby their MP, and the issue received good press interest. NAHT pushed the issue on social media ahead of the debate

  • After the amendment was not pushed to a vote in the Commons, NAHT worked with Labour and Lib Dem peers on this. Peers were briefed on the issue ahead of Second Reading, with NAHT quoted

  • NAHT will work with Lib Dem and Labour peers to prepare the amendment for Committee stage

Consultation Responses


  • DfE consultation on recouping local authority funding for free schools

  • DfE consultation on proposals for a national funding formula for early years

  • Government Equalities Office consultation on public sector gender pay gap reporting



Press releases

Autumn Statement coverage


  • Sun ‘£200m for grammar revolution’ (print, 24 Nov)
  • Mirror ‘Growing Nowhere – Autumn statement: paying price of Brexit’ (print, 24 Nov)
  • i ‘Grammar school expansion wins £200m hand-out’ (print, 24 Nov)



National Funding Formula coverage

  • ITV Good Morning Britain – Russell Hobby interviewed on school funding, 14 Dec
  • BBC Radio 4, Today Programme – Anne Lyons interviewed on school funding, 14 Dec
  • BBC Radio 5 Live – Anne Lyons interviewed on school funding, 14 Dec
  • BBC News at One – Valentine Mulholland interviewed on school funding, 14 Dec
  •  LBC Radio – Chris Hill interviewed on school funding, 14 Dec
  • Sunday Politics (North West) – Valentine Mulholland interviewed on National Funding Formula, 18 Dec
  • Press Association – Russell quoted in 127 regional newspapers & online news outlets on school funding (press release): ‘£3bn school efficiency savings 'a threat to education standards'’
  • The Times – Russell quoted on National Funding Formula (press release): ‘Inner-city pupils lose out as funds flow to village schools’ (print, 15 Dec) ‘Russell Hobby, general secretary of the National Association of Head Teachers, said the new formula was a step in the right direction. He added: “But it will only work for pupils if there are sufficient funds in the first place.”’
  • Also in print, 14 Dec: ‘Ministers accused over £3bn school funding cuts’
  • Also in print, 14 Dec: ‘Now full-up schools need to make £3bn cuts by 2020’
  • Also in print, 14 Dec: ‘Government announces schools budget cuts of £3bn’



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First published 05 January 2018