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Cuts to the Education Services Grant must be reversed, says NAHT

Commenting on the warning from the Local Government Association (LGA) on the impact of cuts to the Education Services Grant (ESG), Russell Hobby, general secretary of school leaders’ union NAHT, says: “The £600 million cut to the Education Services Grant will have a huge impact on schools. Used by local authorities to support schools, we know a cut to this funding will hit school leaders hard. We called on the Chancellor to reverse this decision ahead of the Spring Budget, but so far the government has failed to act.

“School budgets are at breaking point, and any cut in funding exacerbates this. The LGA is right to warn that this cut will see further burdens placed on schools to pay out of existing budgets. Many schools have taken tough decisions to make budgets balance, but we know that schools are running out of things they can cut without impacting on the quality of teaching offered.

“The government must reverse this cut and ensure there is sufficient funding for schools. Without this, real terms cuts will mean teaching and learning will suffer.”

First published 05 January 2018