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Apprenticeship levy will have a greater impact on small schools in Wales, warns NAHT Cymru

From today (Thursday 6th April) thousands of schools across the country will start to pay into the apprenticeship levy.  The compulsory payment will have to be paid by most schools, with only small stand-alone academies exempt.

Commenting, Rob Williams, Director of Policy for NAHT Cymru, the school leaders’ union for Wales, says: “Even though education is a devolved issue in Wales, from today many schools will have to pay into the UK-wide apprenticeship levy. This is at a time when costs for all schools are increasing.

“Because of an exemption for small stand-alone academies, something not seen in Wales, some small schools in England will be exempt. However, in Wales, all small schools that operate in local authorities with a budget of over £3 million a year will face this charge. This cannot be right.

“Last week the Public Accounts Committee in Westminster called on the Department for Education to clearly set out what impact the levy will have on schools. I would ask that this goes one step further, and looks at the impact on Welsh schools. When education policy is devolved to Cardiff it cannot be right that a policy from Westminster, with such a huge impact on education, is not given the scrutiny it requires.” 

First published 03 January 2018