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An update on our continuing campaign for better school funding

It is clear that school funding has risen to the top of public awareness. Head Teachers have incurred the ire of the Daily Mail. So you must be doing something right!

Public concern has prompted the government to make conciliatory noises. But so far they are only noises. No commitment has been made to restore the £3 billion real terms cut in education funding. And our fear is that the government will repurpose some existing money, restore a fraction of what has been lost and fall far short of what schools need to succeed.

The funding campaign has therefore entered a critical phase if it is to live up to its promise.

We have seen recently that your words carry great weight. It is your actions that have made this an issue.

We would encourage you to keep up your letters to parents:

  • Stay with the facts.
  • Act with the consent of your governors.
  • Don't use electronic databases.
  • And let people make up their own minds about whether they will accept the consequences for their children.

There is no need to be party political on this; just fulfil your duty to keep parents informed about the future of your school. Materials are available on our website.

Alongside our partners in the other unions and the parental campaigns, we have a schedule of activity between now and the autumn to keep the issue live. We will keep you posted on how you can get involved in these activities but there is plenty you can do locally before the end of term. You may also want to join together to write to your local paper or MP; our press office is always happy to advise you.

The schoolscuts website remains a powerful resource for accurate information.

First published 05 January 2018