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An update on maintained nursery school funding

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Last week, while appearing before the Education Select Committee, the Secretary of State for Education was again asked by MPs for reassurances around maintained nursery school funding.

Lucy Powell MP reminded the Secretary of State that transitional funding is soon to run out and expressed that she and others were greatly concerned that "the comprehensive spending review is going to come too late for many of the decisions about those nurseries."

In his response, the Secretary of State spoke in positive terms about maintained nurseries, praising the breadth and quality of their offerings. He also made it clear that he recognised the difference between maintained nurseries and other providers.

However, despite saying he was 'hopeful' for the future of maintained nurseries, he reiterated that any decisions would be a part of the spending review.

As you will be aware, the funding of maintained nurseries is a key priority for NAHT and we will continue to press the government for immediate action in this critical area.  

First published 21 January 2019