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Transform Our World - a resource hub for teachers to bring environmental action into the classroom

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The Transform Our World hub from Global Action Plan includes a range of free, practical resources for teachers to incorporate climate action into school-based activities.  

The hub helps teachers to channel the emerging excitement around climate action into the classroom. Picked and rated by teachers, the resources provide opportunities for students to lead impactful projects that benefit their friends, family, local area as well as the wider world. The resources are sourced from a range of partner organisations that are experts in inspiring young people to protect the natural world through school programmes. 

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Turning anxiety into action

The latest campaign has been developed following discussions with teachers about climate anxiety – their students’, their own and how it is treated in the sector. The campaign aims to do the following:

  • Inspire student to act as an outlet for climate-anxiety
  • Empower calm, confident teachers who feel able to manage student climate-anxiety
  • Make the case for whole-school engagement in climate change
  • Start a wider conversation about reform in education

You can find access to a range of free resources here.

First published 10 February 2020