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Transform Our World - a new resource hub for teachers to bring environmental action into the classroom

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The Transform Our World hub from Global Action Plan includes a range of free, practical resources for teachers to incorporate climate action into school-based activities.  

The hub helps teachers channel the emerging excitement around climate action into the classroom. Picked and rated by teachers, the resources provide opportunities for students to lead impactful projects that benefit their friends, family and local area, as well as the wider world. The resources are sourced from a range of partner organisations that are expert in inspiring young people to protect the natural world through school programmes. 

Values to Transform Our World

This campaign helps teachers and their students to explore how our values impact on our well-being and environment.

Young people have grown up in a consumerist culture that reinforces values of self-interest which research shows are harmful to their emotional health, our communities and to the planet.  

Emphasising a positive ‘bigger-than-self’ set of values can improve the well-being of young people and lead them to taking environmental and social action. Schools can be part of making this happen, so check out the resources to help you begin this conversation in your classroom

Visit the Transform Our World hub here

First published 22 October 2019