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Transform Our World - a new resource hub for teachers to bring environmental action into the classroom

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The Transform Our World hub from Global Action Plan includes a range of free, practical resources for teachers to incorporate climate action into school-based activities.  

The hub helps teachers channel the emerging excitement around climate action into the classroom. Picked and rated by teachers, the resources provide opportunities for students to lead impactful projects that benefit their friends, family, and local area, as well as the wider world. The resources are sourced from a range of partner organisations that are experts in inspiring young people to protect the natural world through school programmes. 

The cost of Christmas

Christmas is a time when we are encouraged to buy, buy, buy. Transform Our World's 'The Cost of Christmas' campaign encourages teachers and students to explore the environmental and social impact of the hyper-consumption which comes with the time of year, as well as the potential impact on our well-being and mental health.

The Cost of Christmas campaign raises questions about the season and offers solutions so that students can make decisions that are better for them and better for the planet. The Cost of Christmas tools and resources help young people take environmental action and inspire others to join them in doing Christmas differently.

Transform Our World is a new hub full of free, practical resources for teachers. It empowers young people to tackle the root causes of climate breakdown and biodiversity loss.

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First published 27 November 2019