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Time to join Primary Futures - 'Our Children their Futures'

Primary Futures now has more than 35,000 registered volunteers nationwide with more than 3,000 primary schools signed up to the project, 11,000 teachers registered and more than 170,000 messages sent to volunteers.

Primary Futures aims to broaden the horizons and aspirations of primary aged children while reinforcing the importance of literacy and numeracy in their learning both in school and later life. Helping children to see a clear link and purpose between their learning in primary schools and their futures is a central theme of their work. Last week, Nicky Morgan commented on the ‘Primary Futures’  campaign in the social commission debate. “I pay tribute to the National Association of Head Teachers for setting up its "Primary Futures" campaign, which is about getting adults into schools to talk about their careers and broaden horizons…Broadening horizons, and aspirational and inspirational careers advice are important.” 

How does it work?

Schools sign up to join Primary Futures through the website and then have instant, free access to a growing number of volunteers who have also signed up to share their experiences. Volunteers are from all walks of life, from multi-national companies to local employers, and cover a wide range of jobs and industries.

Useful resources

In response to requests from teachers, some curriculum links have been added on the website. This development, led by teachers from a number of schools, provides some ideas of how schools might choose to link volunteers to subject areas across the key stage one and key stage two curriculum.

On the website, you will also find a number of case studies that provide some practical approaches and suggestions to make Primary Futures not only a successful event but also one which is ongoing as an integral part of the school year linked to the school curriculum.

The video, 'Redraw the Balance' shows school children aged between five and seven being asked to draw a firefighter, a surgeon and fighter pilot – 61 pictures drawn were men and only five were female. It has now had over 33 million hits worldwide across all our platforms and has been subtitled for use in countries across the globe.

There is also a growing number of videos and clips hosted on the Primary Futures YouTube channel and photos from recent Primary Futures and other events can be found here.

Events and activities planned for 2017   
  • Following on from the successful launch of Primary Futures in Blackpool in 2016 schools, the local business community and the local authority have come together to organise a series of events that will culminate in 'Blackpool Aspirations Week' commencing May 22 2017
  • In Bradford, collaboration with the local authority, the Bradford Pathways team and colleagues from the National Media Museum will culminate in a week of Primary Futures inspired activities in September this year
  • Plans are in the pipeline for a Primary Futures launch in the summer term in North Lincolnshire with activities being planned in Bolton, Wigan and Wakefield in March
  • The Secretary of State for Education has indicated her willingness to join us for a Primary Futures event and support from other MPs and Ministers has continued across the country. 
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First published 26 January 2018