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Secretary of State makes a commitment to stability: no new tests, no curriculum changes, no qualification reform in this Parliament


Speaking last weekend, Damian Hinds made a commitment to tackle the issue of excessive workload that is driving teachers out of the profession and deterring others from entering. He acknowledged that "…. the pace of change has been fast these past eight years, as indeed, to be fair, it was pretty quick in many of the preceding years as well. These changes have been important and necessary and we are now seeing their positive impact. As I've said, schools and teachers have risen remarkably to the challenge and raised standards. But I recognise that you now need a period of greater stability. That is why – beyond those changes already announced and which are working their way through the system – apart from those, for the rest of this parliament there will be:

  • No new additional statutory tests or assessment for primary schools;
  • No further changes to the national curriculum; and
  • No more reform of GCSEs and A levels.

I will also look at the accountability system and how it can drive unnecessary workload. "

NAHT welcomed this commitment and has already established an independent Commission on Accountability to review an alternative vision for accountability. We will be working with the DfE to ensure this informs the thinking about a more constructive approach to accountability. 

The DfE has published a set of new resources to help schools tackle workload, find out more here

First published 14 March 2018