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The Careers & Enterprise Company has recently launched their primary careers resource platform

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The Primary Careers Resources Platform was created in collaboration with The Centre for Education and Youth and is an output of eighteen months of testing of what works at primary level. The resources and tools on the platform have been provided by the 15 organisations in the Department for Education-backed Primary Fund
The Careers & Enterprise Company acknowledges the impact of covid-19 and the continued importance of inspiring young people to consider the future world of work. 

‘We recognise the challenges that currently face the education sector and the increasing need to inspire young people about the future world of work and their place in it. Although largely developed before Covid-19, the platform and its resources have been designed to inspire teachers to find innovative ways to link curriculum learning to the world of work. This approach is as relevant today and can have a positive and lasting impact on pupil outcomes in school and throughout life.’

Key features of the platform include:

Explore the platform here. 

First published 10 December 2020