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Support from the PSHE Association during Covid-19 closures

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The PSHE Association is the national body for personal, social, health and economic (PSHE) education. A charity and membership organisation, the association works to improve PSHE education standards by supporting a national network of teachers and schools with advice, training and resources. Find out more at

The association continues to support teacher and schools during school closures, and it has created a support hub with resources and guidance to assist schools, teachers and parents with PSHE delivery in this context: This will have new material added to it each week, and t currently includes the following: 

  • A guide to teaching PSHE remotely
  • Advice on addressing the coronavirus in PSHE lessons
  • A guide for parents and carers on supporting PSHE education at home
  • Guidance on adapting school resources for the home environment
  • Home-learning friendly versions of relevant teaching resources, including our lessons on healthy sleep habits
  • Details of webinars on a variety of PSHE topics. 

You can find some links to other sites and resources that members and their staff might find particularly useful here.


First published 02 April 2020