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Revised data on key stage two national curriculum assessments

On 15 December 2016, a Statistical First Release (SFR) on key stage two national curriculum assessments was published, providing breakdowns by pupil characteristics and information on the number of schools below the new floor standard, and the number of schools meeting the proposed definition for coasting. You can read the full report here, and you can find our summary of the key findings here.

Performance tables also went live; the first time school level data for 2016 has been published. Following user testing with parents, there is an additional element to these which is already found on the secondary tables – school progress scores for reading, writing and maths will be colour coded, and this colour will demonstrate how the school's progress score compares with all schools nationally. The colours represent ‘well above average’, ‘above average', ‘well below average, etc.

A video that describes the calculation and interpretation of primary progress measures is now available at the bottom of the primary accountability page.

First published 26 January 2018