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Reception baseline assessment: national voluntary pilot

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The national voluntary pilot of the reception baseline assessment (RBA) is taking place this autumn with around 9,400 schools participating across England.

The DfE has published a new video, which is particularly aimed at parents, in order to provide some helpful information about the pilot. Members who are participating in the pilot may find it helpful to share the video with parents. 

The DfE has also published a statistical release which looks at the relationship between the 2015 RBA results and that cohort's subsequent KS1 results. This shows a positive relationship between the two assessments, and you can find more information about that here.

The STA has published the assessment framework for the RBA and this provides details about the assessment for the pilot year, including information about the content of the assessment and its design. There is also a video that provides details about the assessment including its purpose and how it will work in practice. You can find the assessment framework, supporting document and video here

You can read more about NAHT's policy position on the RBA here.

First published 18 September 2019